Silently on Saturday: Awaken by Moonglow, A Night Bloom Speaks

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As Fridays here on Obzervashunal are now (and have been for some time) about the unveiling the latest, K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge‘ prompt, Saturdays are used to upload the latest in my ‘Silently on Saturday‘ series of photos.

baseball Giant's Baseball b&w

Now, I know I don’t get around to doing many night shots, and I’m okay with this. I’m too much of a morning guy to worry about it. But, looking through my archives of both day and night works, I decided the Silently on Saturday shot for today could and should be one taken in daylight, then reworked into an image resembling one taken at night!


Faa Slide_01


With that said, today’s image comes from one of my ‘sacred spaces’ here in San Francisco- The Moon Viewing Garden, located in the heart of Golden Gate Park. I’m totally pleased with the daytime version, BUT when I did a little experimenting to change the time signature, I think the results speak itself:





moon glow, night, garden, meditation, Saturday, silently, bloom, stillness, light

As always, here’s hoping your Saturday is filled to overflowing with its own form of ‘moon glow’… the silent kind…

…or not?

K’lee L. © 2017




4 thoughts on “Silently on Saturday: Awaken by Moonglow, A Night Bloom Speaks

    1. Ah, a special day and a special photo! I’m willing to talk with you on it. Perhaps best start a conversation via email? Take the name of my site and add a gmail dot com. Oh, you got to tell me something about the book too!🌞

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