Silently on Saturday: Swan Noir

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Hi Everybody,

I had one of my all time favorite Red-Tailed Hawk shots ready to upload and talk about today for my, ‘Silently on Saturday‘ series. At the last minute, I decided not to use that particular shot- I will use it for another post; one where I allow the full story of how I got the shot. I think it deserves a full story and will get one.

What photo today, then?

I did stay with a nature theme, an outdoors theme, and a bird(s) theme for today.


Two of them as a matter of fact, a good number of photos taken at San Francisco’s amazing Palace of Fine Arts.

This swan pair have been at the Palace for years. The male of the pair can be VERY territorial an will take a nip at you if you get too close. (I never do!)

My shot today, done in my previously used ‘painted graphics’ style, is of them both- early morning, just slowly moving in and about  their Palace lake. I not only ‘painted graphic’d this shot, I decided it looked better in black and white:

swans, birds, outdoors, Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco

‘Love like a ring has no end.’ – a Russian proverb


Here’s hoping there’s a Swan Lake somewhere in YOUR Saturday… experienced silently…

…or not?

K’lee L. © 2017



2 thoughts on “Silently on Saturday: Swan Noir

  1. K’lee I’ve tried to reach you at your gmail and here to no avail. I need to know if you are still interested in doing the artwork I’ve discussed with you. If so we need to discuss the details, cost etc. Also, in case you’d like to know, the music I wrote is playing on SkunkRadioLive out of London and other websites. I can get your artwork into other avenues that might be good for you. Write me at and give me a way to contact you.

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