Silently on Saturday: One Love is the Only Love

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Northern California, where I currently live, is seeing a number of ‘rallies’ or ‘free speech’ forums happening this weekend. I’m a believer in freedom of speech for all of us. I know it’s not the case in lots of places across this great blue globe of ours so I’m grateful we have it here to a degree.

For my Silently on Saturday post today, I chose, as I typically do, a single image to meditate on; one that spoke to the energies I feel I’m moving through today.

What are those rallies and free speech forums happening in and around the Bay Area this weekend all about?

Oddly, I’m not even interested in attempting to define them here. I’ll  let you Google an answer. Instead, I’ll just present my image and you can decide:




Here’s hoping your weekend is one filled to overflowing with light and yes, One Love.


K’lee L. © 2017

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