K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge: What’s the Prompt?

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It’s Saturday.

The last one for the month of September in twenty-seventeen, but in my mind, it’s still Friday (also the last one in the month of September!).


Well, because on Friday here at Obzervashunal and at my buddy Dale’s site, Friday’s are all about the release of a new prompt in the ongoing, K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge.

shadows and silhouettes, photo challenge

What’s the prompt again?

This week, Dale choose the prompt, and I think it’s probably the best one he could have chosen for this last weekend of September:

tiger striped butterflies mythology, flash fiction, storytelling, writing

On the isle of TigaMondra, Tigertail Swallows are favored by the Goddess Iza’haara. – K’lee L.


Now, as we always like to do, you-who choose to join us on this challenge adventure- are free to define this one word prompt in any way you’d like. That means any effects, coloring, or photographic reconfiguration you so choose. It’s all good in our opinion. It’s suppose to be a challenge, but a fun one.

I’m not sure what I’ll do with the AUTUMN prompt, but I do know I want to have fun with it. I’ve got… and YOU’VE got the remainder of the weekend to figure it out.

If you’ve never taken on one of our challenges, here’s all you need to know to make it become a reality:


Create your post as you normally do. AUTUMN as a word, should appear somewhere in your title.

Once done, you can copy your post’s URL and paste it into the comment section of this Monday’s challenge post or from Dale’s (linked above!!!). This creates what’s called a ‘pingback’, letting others see your amazing work.

K'lee and Dale's Cosmic Photo Challenge, prompt challenge, creating a challenge

… dreaming of a new prompt…

Lastly, add our #CosPhoChal tag to your post’s tags and you’re done!

Here’s hoping the remainer of this weekend is a great one for all of us!

K’lee L. © 2017

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