K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge: What’s the Prompt???

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where photos become their own COSMIC entity!

Hey Everybody,

Welcome to yet another Friday, this one being the second occurrence in the month of November this year.

As it is Friday here at Obzervashunal and at my buddy Dale’s site, we tend to unveil brand new prompts for your and our amusement, all in honor of the ongoing, K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge.

unusual angles_03

Oakland California’s Lake Merritt skyscraper on the tilt!

This week, Dale’s taken the helm, and came up with something kind of…



Now, to get Dale’s full break down on what he’s looking for from those brave enough to take on this challenge, please toggle the link to his WP space above.

As I allow my brain to begin its process of deciding how I want to tackle this one, I’m simultaneously realizing I don’t believe I’ve got anything ready made to fill the bill this time…


… might mean I’ll have to get outdoors and do some exploring, investigating, and plain ‘ole experimenting to have something I deem challenge-worthy by Monday’s unveiling…

…no pressure(!)

So has Dale’s topic/prompt or my attempt at conveying said prompt piqued your interest at all?

maybe a little?

If so, I’ll tell you like I tell everyone- it’s not hard to do!

K'lee and Dale's Cosmic Photo Challenge, prompt challenge, creating a challenge

… dreaming of a new prompt…

here’s what’s needed:

Go ahead and create a post the same way you usually do, only this time you want it to focus in some way on MAN-MADE MEETS MOTHER NATURE. Remember, you’re defining this YOUR way all the way!

Once done, be sure to copy your fresh new post’s URL and come Monday, paste it into the comment section of Dale’s post or mine…

…here’s the thing that just popped into my head:

As Dale this week is the originator of the latest prompt. maybe we should all look to providing those links to our posts at HIS site. I, in turn, will do the same come NEXT week when prompt duties fall back to me…

…an idea we can look into?

Anyway, as a last aside with your new challenge post, be sure to use and add our #CosPhoChal tag to whatever other tags you use for that particular post… makes it just that much easier to not only find your work, but to RAVE about and tell all our friends, right?

So, will all that said and spelled out, here’s to a great weekend wherever you happen to be in the world…

whether man-made, or somewhere out enjoying Mother Nature…

K’lee L. © 2017




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