K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge: Man-Made Meets Mother Nature!

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Ah, another Monday, although it’s somewhat later in the day than I’d like for sitting down to finish off this latest post in the ongoing saga of the infamous, K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge.

If you’re not familiar with those bold words above, let me inform you as to their purpose!

The K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge is all about myself and my buddy ‘across the pond, Dale, offering up fresh new challenges each and every Monday so you, our talented and amazing readers/photographers might just add your singular creative voice(s) to said challenges… you know, because you can!

With that said, the spotlight twists and turns in Dale’s direction this week as he was the one who provided us (on Friday past!) with the latest prompt:


Now, I’m going to admit, at first this one threw me like a curve ball in the World Series (sorry if you don’t get the American Baseball reference). In other words, I didn’t know what I’d do with this challenge.

Yet, after a bit of searching, I came up with not one but three shots I think speak directly to the notion, MAN-MADE MEETS MOTHER NATURE

…it goes a little something like this:



This slideshow requires JavaScript.


As you can see, for the most part I went with WATER as my theme for the challenge. From a sailboat race under the world-famous Golden Gate Bridge, to an aquarium on the bottom floor of the Academy of Sciences (took this with my then brand new camera phone!) Living in a ‘harbor/port city tends to bring water-related things to my mind on a pretty regular basis so…

I also went with my all-time favorite TIGER shot because to my eye, the tigers of our San Francisco Zoo tend to seem kind of content. This guy (or gal- sorry if I got you wrong!?) gave me a short show of rolling and stretching before finally freezing in this position- thank you very much… I attribute this to the construction… by MAN/Woman, of these enclosures- and the making them as close to a ‘natur-al setting’ as possible.

K'lee and Dale's Cosmic Photo Challenge, prompt challenge, creating a challenge

… dreaming of a new prompt…

So, there you have it. My take on MAN-MADE MEETS MOTHER NATURE.

If and this is only if you’re still considering joining us on this mighty challenge set forth by Dale, here’s all you’d need to do to join in the fun:

San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge, boat racing, world-famous bridges

Sun, Sea, Boats and Sky…

Create your post as you normally do. Give it a title similar to the one above so we’ll know you’re down with the man-made meeting Mother Nature thing… Copy your fresh post’s URL and past it into the comment section of Dale’s challenge post first… ’cause he’s the originator of the challenge… it’s only fair…then if you also want to paste it into the comment section of my challenge post (ahem, this one!) please do so.

Lastly, use our #CosPhoChal tag along with the other tags you use and you, my friend, are DONE!

Here’s to a great week ahead!

K’lee L. © 2017








7 thoughts on “K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge: Man-Made Meets Mother Nature!

    1. Thanks! We’re spoiled for waterfront spaces here. I need to take a day and photography as many as I can so when that Massive Tsunami hits (thanks, Donald!), I’ve got them archived…


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