K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge: What’s the Prompt?

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where photos become their own COSMIC entity!


Time for another fresh photo prompt in the ongoing K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge!

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What’s the prompt again?

This week, Dale’s got the duty and decided to give us a prompt based on ‘Black Friday‘ the massive buy-until-you-drop syndrome which here in the States, happens the first Friday following Thanksgiving.

Dale went with the simple yet possibly multi-layered theme:


As always, for those of you choosing to take on this challenge, how you define it is completely up to you. We typically do the unveiling of our prompts each Monday.

K'lee and Dale's Cosmic Photo Challenge, prompt challenge, creating a challenge

… dreaming of a new prompt…

Wanna join in on the challenge? It’s not too hard to do:

Go ahead and create your challenge post just like you create all your other posts. The word DOWNTOWN somewhere in the title can only help us and others in distinguishing your post as a genuine CHALLENGE post.

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Copy your post’s URL and paste it into the comment section of Dale’s or my Monday challenge post.

Be sure to use our #CosPhoChal tag along with any other tags you like using and you’re done!

Here’s to a fantastic remainder of all of your weekends!

K’lee L. © 2017

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