K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge: Winter

New K n D Prompt Shot

finding new ways to get Cosmic!


Northern California in the wintertime, at least the Northern California I know, rarely experiences the extreme cold or stormy conditions plenty of other areas the world over experience.

Instead, temps here can and do dip into the thirties (at night and very rarely!), forties, and fifties, before eventually evening out; returning to hover somewhere near the sixty degree (sorry metrics!) mark.

San Francisco silhouette morning sky dawn meditation peace quiet gratitude

The sun slowly rises on another beautiful day. -K’lee L.

I bring the notion of winter climates up in this post because…

it’s Monday AND Mondays here at Obzervashunal, and at my buddy Dale’s site, are dedicated to the unveiling of brand new challenges in the ongoing, K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge.

rocks garden peace beach ocean San Francisco photography dawn Baker's Beach

This week, it’s Dale’s turn at doing the prompt-providing, and this Friday past, he offered us the following:


A BIG topic for sure, but one many of us not living in tropical climes can relate to or have lived through.

San Francisco Sutro Heights, black and white photography, shadows, silhouettes, cyprus trees

Shadow and Fog Through Cyprus Trees

My wintertime here in Northern California, as of last night has been rainy and cool but not cold. The pictures I chose to use in this post reflect that.

Here’s what I came up with, done as I like to do, in my typical slideshow fashion:



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As I said, winter here isn’t too rough on us. The rain coming down now will fade and likely return enough times throughout the next few months to give us a sense on winter, but I know better! It’s inconvenient at best.

Here’s to all of you going through REAL winter. I hope you’re staying warm, not venturing out too much unless absolutely necessary, and, if you’re like me, are enjoying lots of hot soup, tea/coffee and good books.

For any and all who come across this humble challenge post and are considering joining us in the fun, know the process is one Dale and I have kept pretty simple. Here’s all you need to do:


Create your post as you would normally here on the WP (WordPress!) Title it in a way where WINTER is the theme. Copy your fresh, new post’s URL and paste that URL into the comment section of either this post or the challenge post you find at Dale’s site today. This creates what we commonly refer to as a ‘pingback’, a little do-dad that lets others quickly find and appreciate your work.

Lastly, be sure to use our #CosPhoChal tag along with any other tags you may decide to use and you’re done!

Here’s to a fantastic (rest of your) Monday and a not to crazy WINTER!

K’lee L. © 2018



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