K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge: At the End of the Day

New K n D Prompt Shot


Alright. I actually made it to my posting page while it’s still Monday morning! I know, as far as accomplishments go, this may not seem like a major one to you, but for me it matters as I was just about two days late getting my Friday post up and running…

the two towers on the bay

sepia-tinged clouds race over San Francisco’s downtown skies

Luckily, that’s all in the past now, and with it being Monday morning- albeit, a chilly and RAINY Monday morning here in Northern California, I can focus on this, the latest in the K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge unveiling.

For those of you in the know (and those of you possibly just finding either my buddy Dale’s site or me here at Obzervashunal, this Friday past Dale set forth the latest challenge in our ongoing series:


Rain in the Golden Gate


Now, usually I’d have had the whole weekend to ponder what I’d do photographically with a new prompt. As I’ve already mentioned, this week didn’t turn out like most weeks, so I basically had the one day to consider putting together a group of shots that spoke to Dale’s latest challenge.

After some careful consideration, I realized one shoot I’d been out on not too long ago, yielded some photos I’d call ‘just right’ for an AT THE END OF THE DAY prompt.

This is what I came up with:



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A combination of both photos and graphic work done at various points in time, but all shots that speak to my notions on AT THE END OF THE DAY.

As an added bonus…

Twenty-five challenge points and loads of respect to anyone who can guess which of these shots…

…were NOT taken at the end of the day?

Come on. Take a guess. You may actually be right?

san francisco's downtown skyline at sunset

In the meanwhile, for those of you possibly considering joining in on the fun of this challenge, the process is not a hard one.

Here’s all you need to do:

Cable cars at night in San Francisco


Create your post as you normally do. Title it in a way that speaks to the END OF THE DAY (’cause that’s what this challenge is about!)

Once your amazing post is complete, copying its URL and pasting it into the comment section of either Dale’s site (linked above) or here- in this post will create a ‘pingback‘, a method which helps other see your astounding creativity!

Lastly, be sure to use our #CosPhoChal tag along with any other tags you want and you’re done!


It’s raining here and it may be raining/snowing/cold/wintry where you are. Don’t let challenging conditions stop you from having a stupendous Monday!

K’lee L. © 2018

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