K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge: What’s the Prompt?

New K n D Prompt Shot

finding new ways to get Cosmic!


Think you could create an image (or three…) based:

partly in reality…

Fourth Dimension Golden Gate Bridge

partly in fantasy…


slightly unrealistic…


but somewhat recognizable?

metal, cities, architecture, cityscapes, fantasy, Mars, Martian cities, imaginary locales

in my mind, metal cities on Mars exist… no, really.

Sure you can!

And in doing so, you will have readied yourself for the latest round in the ongoing, K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge.

This week’s challenge is one where I’m looking to return us to our ‘cosmic roots’. By this I just mean to say I’ll be looking for imagery, well beholden to those traits mentioned above… I’m calling it:


Interested in joining us on this week’s challenge?

midsummer yellow jacket_sm

yellow jacket on white blossom

It’s not too hard a thing to do. Here’s how it works:

Create your post as you typically do; entitling it… well, bonus points for using the word SURREAL in your title.

Come Monday, the day we do our unveiling, copy the URL of your newly created challenge post and paste it into the comment section  of either the challenge-related post you’ll find here or on my buddy Dale’s site. This, by the way, creates what is commonly referred to as a ‘pingback‘- a method that allows others to quickly find and appreciate your awesome new (surreal!) work.

Lastly, be sure to use our #CosPhoChal tag, along with any other tags you may want to use, and you’re done!


Here’s to a great weekend, filled to overflowing with SIMPLY SURREALISTIC happenings.

K’lee L. © 2018

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