K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge: What’s the Prompt???

New K n D Prompt Shot

finding new ways to get Cosmic!


Aaarrggh! I’m running late on getting my prompt post out there too. Fortunately, my reasoning is not the same as my buddy Dale. Find out what’s happening with him AND read all about his prompt post with the link you just passed.

shadows and silhouettes, photo challenge

What’s the prompt again?


In the meanwhile, yes, it is Saturday and Dale took the helm this week by choosing the following prompt for our Monday unveiling:


Yes. Time is the answer and it is the prompt we’ll be pondering as we move through what remains of the weekend.

I don’t know about any of you out there, but we here in northern California are tapped for RAIN; possibly the next TWO days, so I’ll have plenty ‘indoor time’ to put together my Monday challenge post.


The Ferry Building

As I mentioned earlier, if you want to know more concerning exactly what Dale’s looking for you to do with this prompt, tap that link up above and be transported to his awesome site for extended details.

Mandala by the Sea_metal ice

…I was one of many held spellbound as this artist did his thing! – K’lee L.

Alright. Time for me to fly (Hey! Did you see what I did there? The…thing…with…TIME…and-

never mind…



Have a great rest of your weekend!

K’lee L. © 2018

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