K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge: Natural Patterns

K'lee and Dale's

Natural Patterns.

What are they?

Well, they can be just about anything… literally, IF you’re talking about or creating your response to the latest in  my buddy Dale’s and my ongoing, K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge.

This week’s challenge, thought up by Dale, is, as you’ve guessed, Natural Patterns. It’s a challenge I believed I had the perfect set of shots to build with, but, as is sometimes the case with me, those original shots morphed into a completely different set of shots that look a little like this:



This slideshow requires JavaScript.



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I decided on Nature herself, well this group of flower photos, taken in the very cool San Francisco Botanical Garden, to represent my take on Natural Patterns. I also, as you can probably tell, gave them each what I like to call the ‘painted graphic‘ look.

How about you?

Adding your take on this challenge isn’t all that complicated. In fact, it’s about as easy as it gets.

here’s all you need to do:

Create your post as you normally would. Title it similar to the one you see here or over at the challenge originator Dale’s site (linked as always above!).

Once complete, you can create what’s called a ‘pingback’ by copying your post’s URL and pasting it into the comment section of either Dale’s post or this one here at Obzervashunal.

Finish it all off by adding out #CosPhoChal tag to any other tags you like and you’re done!

New K n D Prompt Shot

finding new ways to get Cosmic!

Here’s to a fantastic week ahead with plenty reoccurring Natural Patterns in your life!

K’lee L. © 2018

17 thoughts on “K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge: Natural Patterns

          1. I find that with a painting background, I tend to have an eye for composition and a great curiosity for interesting subjects, which is helpful in photography. I did take photos during those early days, but digital technology hadn’t arrived yet, ( a peek at how old I am. ha ha!) so creative enhancement of images was non-existent. I think if the digital age would have come sooner, it would have drastically changed my journey in photography. Thanks for the question, K’lee. 🙂

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