K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge: In The Country

K'lee and Dale's

Living in what some might call a metropolis… or city, as I do, believe me when I tell you it’s easy to get caught up in the non-green spaces; the places where there are too many people rushing about, too many cars, taxis, Ubers, and buses whizzing about (cough, cough!). The green spaces, when you’re rushing about, are sometimes forgotten, or if not forgotten, pushed to the back of the brain to hopefully be experienced at a later date.

I found myself thinking those thoughts as I considered the latest prompt offered up by my buddy Dale in our ongoing, K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge:


Now, it’s been a while since I’ve done any REAL travel away from my city space, but fortunately we here in San Francisco have some pretty awesome green spots, areas I spend as much time in throughout the year as possible.

With that in mind, I went about creating my version of ‘in the country’ both as a slideshow (one of my favorite methods) and done as what I affectionately label, ‘painted graphics’.

,,,here’s what I did:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Basic… green, peaceful.

When I can’t travel, it’s nice to know I do have places like Golden Gate Park, The Japanese Tea Garden, or the sensational Botanical Garden to clear my head and introduce a little extra calm to my day…

How about you?

Joining in on our challenges is pretty easy. Here’s all you’d need to do:

Create your post as you normally do. Once it’s done to your liking, copy the post’s URL and paste it into the comment section of either Dale’s challenge post (linked up above!) or the one you’ll find attached to this post.

Lastly, be sure to use our #CosPhoChal tag, along with any other tags you wish to use, and you’re done!

Here’s wishing those of you here in the USA a happy Memorial Day holiday and a excellent coming week to us all.

K’lee L. © 2018

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