K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge: Free Like a Bird!

K'lee and Dale's


Okay. Did I give it away?

Did I undo the mystery of what I was preparing to offer up photographically for this week’s, K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge with my featured photo for Friday’s (ahem… Saturday’s!) post?


But, when you’ve got the better part of a weekend to decide on the images you’ll use for you challenge post, there’s always room to change your mind!

With a prompt like: FREE LIKE A BIRD, I could easily have decided to go the ‘bird route’. I literally have thousands of (various) bird shots, so choosing a handful, heh! no problem.

I didn’t, though… choose the bird shots for this challenge ‘unveiling’ post. I went with a handful of photos kind of similar in nature to Friday’s (Saturday’s!) prompt post.

That shot, for those of you not knowing or simply curious, is of a handful of Blue Angels, a NAVY based, quite popular flying squad that performs around the globe.

When they make their way here to Northern California for our yearly Fleet Week held in October, I always try to get me and my camera out to shoot at least one of the shows they give.

I’m imagining, as I look over the following photos, those pilots, no matter how often they’ve run through the routines, must feel FREE LIKE A BIRD at least once every show.

I know I would:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It’s that combination of photos and graphics you see a lot of here on Obzervashunal, all dedicated to a phenomenal bunch of pilots in their flying machines. Hey! And those machines just happen to be blue, my favorite color!

So, there you have it. My take on FREE LIKE A BIRD, Blue Angels style.

How about you?

It’s still not too late to join us.

I was late and look how I turned out! (well… you know what I mean, right?)

Adding your creative input to the mix is as easy as doing the following:

Create your post, as you normally do. Title it somewhere in the vicinity of what I’ve done up above for my own title.

Once your happy with the end result, copy and paste your new post’s URL into the comment section of either this post or the one you’ll find at Dale’s spot.

Lastly, be sure to use our #CosPhoChal tag, along with any other tags you care to use and you’re done!

Here’s to the kind of week ahead where we’re all feeling a little…


K’lee L. © 2018


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