K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge: Pieces of a Dream in Black and White!

K'lee and Dale's

Question: If a dream possessed ‘pieces’, how many would there be?

Answer: As many as you can imagine, of course!

Why that particular answer to this particular question?

Because the question pertains to this week’s K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge prompt:


Now, one of the main tenants of our challenges is you can define  them any way you like. That’s right. You decide how many pieces a dream should or could have and we’ll applaud you no matter what!

Hey! Don’t forget to check out Dale’s work right here.

Now, in my case, I did think initially of creating my ‘dream’ with a number of pieces, BUT at the last minute- somewhere withing the final hour, I decided on the following composited image… in black and white, of course:

egret dreams

One of my favorite birds, the Snowy Egret, is currently making its way back to locales in and around Northern California, so I used one of my archived shots, coupled with a sunset shot at a very cool beach I was visiting for the first time, located underneath San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge.

I’ll admit, doing this ‘dream image’ leads me to considering creating more… and soon!

What about you?

We’ve already gotten some utterly amazing interpretations which you can view by checking out the comment section of the previous post leading up to this one.

If you’re interested in still submitting a ‘dream’ or even a piece of one, check out my Friday post on just how to easily accomplish it, then get to work. Inquisitive eyes are waiting on your genius!

Meanwhile, here’s to everyone having an awesome week ahead with lots of your dreams made real!

K’lee L. © 2018

26 thoughts on “K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge: Pieces of a Dream in Black and White!

  1. My pingbacks aren’t working. Not just back to you page although I’ve added the link but to any post I pingback to. No clue why as all my settings are correct. It’s happened before and then it fixes itself but it drives me a tad bonkers in the meantime.

    So here’s my addition to the prompt.

    I like the glow filtering over the egret, almost feels like it’s emerging from some Faerieland

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      1. In a pingback, you put a link on your post which I did and if it is correct (which it is), it should show up in people’s comments which it doesn’t. It’s supposed to be automatic and it used to work for me 90% of the time but this week. Nada. And I triple check the link to be sure I have the right link. Still the pingback doesn’t show up at the originator’s sight. I paste my link into comments instead.

        I think something must be wrong on my end but I don’t know what because all my settings are correct. Pingbacks and trackbacks are all checked on. Oh well. I seem to get pingbacks though so whatever the problem is, it’s only one way. I am using WordPress but not on WordPress.com. They call it WordPress.org but the software is the same.

        But if it’s happening to me, it’s probably happening to other people so you may be missing pingbacks if they are not hosted on WordPress.com

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          1. Like I said. It’s not a problem with you. I think it’s a problem with the WP plug-in that hooks the WP.org folks into the WP community. Looks like they fixed it finally because for the first time in 2 weeks, one of my pingbacks worked. Yay! I can tell when if stops working because on my poetry site I participate in a daily prompt so I do at least one pingback a day.

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