K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge: The Onset of Autumn

New K n D Prompt Shot

finding new ways to get Cosmic!


Greetings All.

Seasons change.

It’s a fact of Nature we all know, but may not pay much attention to while it’s happening. The season many of us find ourselves in currently is Autumn or Fall as some call it. It’s a time of changing temperatures, light to dark ratios, and in some cases daily and nightly warmth to cold ratios.

Why this talk about seasons, light vs dark, and weather?

The latest in my buddy Dale and my ongoing, K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge, that’s what!

Each Friday Dale and I alternate picking new prompts for your (and our!) challenge pleasure. This Friday, Dale gave us the following:


An excellent and timely prompt this is if I say so myself!

Now, if you’ve read my Friday post on the topic, you may recall me lamenting the fact that Northern California- San Francisco in my case- doesn’t get so much a true season of Autumn. We get what I like to think of as ‘reminders’ that things are changing in the realm of the Great Outdoors.

I came up with three images; images I though foot the bill nicely for this week’s challenge.

here they are:



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

One, not an actual photo, but a ‘painted graphic representation of a place here in San Francisco called, Aquatic Park. The original photo was taken at dawn in the Autumn months, where I waited in the total darkness of the early morning so I could see (and photograph!) the Sun’s rise.

The second might be my favorite as it relates to Autumn. It’s a favorite spot of mine around one of the best bird sanctuaries in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park called Stow Lake. The artwork handing from the trees is undoubtedly Native American in origin, but I can’t tell you the exact info on it.

The third and final image isn’t so much about Autumn, even though, again, it was taken in the Autumn months. This Bald Eagle lost part of it’s wing while caught in a live electrical wire.

The San Francisco Zoo rescued him (or her?) and gave it a home at the zoo where it lived to this day.

Considering joining us on this photographic quest? I’m here to tell you, it’s not all that difficult a task. Check out the link above to Dale’s site for further info and you’ll see I’m right in this.


In the meanwhile, here to all of you enjoying the remainder of your Monday. Hopefully there’s a fantastic week ahead for us all.

K’lee L. © 2018

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