K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge: It’s a Blur!

K'lee and Dale's

Greetings All.

I’m a little frustrated today.


Well, it’s Monday, and as many of you know, Mondays are the day of the week my buddy Dale and I present our unveiling for the latest, K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge.

Now, I’m a little late with getting mine posted BECAUSE I somehow managed to ‘misplace’ the folder on my computer with the new shot I really wanted to enter into challenge. I did my best to find it, but all to no avail.

With this in mind, I’ve had to resort to using a few of my favorite ‘blur-related’ works from my archives all with the hope I’ll eventually come across the missing shot I wanted to use and find a way to post it either as an add-on to this post, or create a wholly new post where that shot could well be a perfect fit.


Excuses made.

Here’s what I’m offering from my archives today:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Looking some of these photo over, I can clearly recall thinking of them as ‘missed shots’; exercises in too much movement or too slow a shutter speed, some sort of technical reason for the shot NOT being as sharp as it could have been IF ONLY I HAD…

Excavating them now, I realize I am both glad I took them just the way I did at the time, and in 2019, find them way more interesting than if I’d tried to ‘clean them up’ to give the illusion of sharpness…

Lessons learned!

It’s still Monday, you know…

…well it is where I am and if it well and truly is where you are and you’d like to join us on this blur-tastic challenge, make a stop over at Dale’s spot to first check out the excellent offerings he served up AND, as an added bonus, his instructions on how to add your very own blurred work of art to our challenge.

In the meanwhile, here’s to a great rest of your Monday with thoughts of a fantastic week ahead to us all!

K’lee L. © 2019

22 thoughts on “K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge: It’s a Blur!

          1. The way I see it, there’s nothing wrong with your or my doing something ‘completely different’. I guess I’ve always been a fan of discovering new things; new ideas, new ways of defining a specific topic/subject. I’ve surprised myself on numerous occasions in the best way possible.

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          2. From the mid 1970s to the mid 1980s I shot a variety of motorsports including night time racing at Le Mans and night time rallying. I was looking through some of the experimental shots from then after deciding to stick with my initial pick.

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          3. Nighttime racing at Le Mans??? I mean, wow! Now there’s a spot I would love to time travel back to with my current gear. That must have been incredible. I’ve shot a number of the car shows that have passed through here. You’ve given me some ideas on how to make some of those shots a bit more ‘interesting’.

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    1. Thanks, Frank! Yes. I just decided to toss that one in at the last moment. One of my favorite shots from Vancouver, BC some years ago. I guess I could have ‘introduced’ a bit more blur to it. Might have to experiment with that notion…

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    1. Thank you, my friend! Yes. I consider so many shots I’ve taken over the years with the secret hope they would come out ultra sharp, only to have a bit of blur to them. Some I delete, but there have been more and more of late I tend to keep because they have other qualities I truly appreciate! Blurs as a means of looking closer? Absolutely!

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  1. Back in those days it was almost unlimited access. At the 24 hour motorcycle race in 1982 I dropped a camera body into the pit box of the team I was there to cover. One of the pit crew threw the body back up to me. There was a gallery along pit lane allowing you to lean over and shoot straight down on the pit stops.

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      1. There’s quite a few stories of adventures risking life and limb or, more importantly, camera equipment over the decades. The camera that was dropped into the pit box at Le Mans was submerged in Georgian Bay and dried out in an oven three years later.

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