K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge: Living in the Light!

Greetings All.

Welcome to Obzervashunal.

Welcome to Monday.

Welcome to a brand new unveiling of my buddy Dale’s and my ongoing, K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge.

Last Friday, I took a turn at setting the mood with the following prompt:

Living in the Light

As is the case with all our challenges, Dale and I are all about leaving the doors to interpretation wide open with the hopes any and all who join us will define the challenge exactly as they define the challenge.

We like that you do.

What did I come up with, you ask?

Here’s my take:

San Francisco's Palace of Fine Arts, swan lakeepic sunsets, colors of the sunset, sunset paintingSan Francisco Golden Gate Bridgesnowy egrets, Lake Merritt, Oakland California, time, one-liner wednesdaySan Francisco silhouette morning sky dawn meditation peace quiet gratitude

Just a few of my favorites; shots that continue to draw my eyes to the light in each one. (Don’t tell the others, but the SWAN in the golden light is my favorite of these!)

I suppose, now that I think on it, I’ve always been drawn more to dawn’s light than the light of sunset. This is not to say sunsets can’t be absolutely sensational. Many I’ve been out and about in- both with my camera, and without- have made me hold my breath. Perhaps I’ll do a post soon dedicated to some of my sunset shots?

In the meanwhile, here’s hoping some more of you guys and gals will consider joining us on this challenge.

There’s still time.

With that said, here’s to a great rest of our Monday and to a fantastic week ahead.

K’lee L. © 2019

19 thoughts on “K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge: Living in the Light!

    1. Thanks, dude. I’m a little late this, but how’s the time to catch up. These days when I go to the ocean, I’m always on the lookout for that guy who created the sand art. It still gets me every time I look at the photos.


    1. Hey, both of those mythologies work! I’m such a water person though so The Lady of the Lake speaks to me a bit more in this context. I’ll have to break out a few more of my swan shots from over the years…

      Liked by 1 person

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