K and D’s: Monochromatic Revisited!

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Greetings All.

Okay. So I don’t usually do this; heck, thinking on it now, I’ll say I’ve NEVER done this; go back and not only revisit a previous post’s topic or in this case, my buddy Dale’s latest prompt for our ongoing, K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge, but post an ‘extended version’ of said post…

I’m doing it now-today (well, it’s actually late night here…) because, as I told a fellow blogger, I didn’t feel as if I’d explored the topic/prompt enough.

So, with all that said, here are a few more shots I now think do the MONOCHROMATIC prompt and challenge laid down by Dale, a little more justice:

San Francisco's Presidio, panoramic photography, black and white photography

From our amazing Embarcadero waterfront, to our downtown main library architecture, to what I called back then my ‘monochromatic tiger’, yes, these pieces feel more in line with the prompt!

…in my humble obzervashun!

K’lee L. © 2019

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