K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge: What’s the Prompt???


It’s all around us.

If we are fortunate enough to NOT be color blind and the world we inhabit isn’t comprised of monochromatics and shades of gray, then we are continually confronted by a varying degree and different shades of color.

Greetings All.

I’ve begun this post with words concerning color as a way to segue into the latest in my buddy Dale‘s and my ongoing, K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge.

For those who may stumble across this site and not know- each week, either Dale or myself with create a new prompt for the weekly challenge; making it available to any and all who may wish to participate.

This week, I’ve got the helm and decided I wanted to make the challenge about COLOR.

I’m making it about color, but…


What I’d like to challenge you to do is consider the following prompt:


Now for me, and what I hope those of you willing to accept this challenge will consider is this:

What are the colors (it can be a single color too!) you feel help define your world?

Which color(s) would you say dominate the way you see and move through the world?

Are there color(s) that give you energy/calmness/excitement/focus?

As is always the case with our challenges, we tend to leave the door to definition and implementations WIDE open; define the prompt the way YOU see fit.

That’s the one caveat Dale and I insist on.

Again for those who don’t know, and as a reminder for those who do, we do our unveiling on Mondays. It gives you the entire weekend to consider and create.


I know what mine are and, I’d have to say they’ve expanded in the last few years or so, but my core colors remain the same…

I’ll be exploring what that means for me…

Here’s hoping you’ll join us in this colorful exploration?

Have a fantastic weekend all!!!

K’lee L.© 2019

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